Omni Promo and Green Guru Partner to Reduce Waste

“Everybody wins, Omni, Green Guru, their customers and most importantly the environment.”  – Dave Skiffich, GM at Omni Promotional 

55,000 Sq Ft. of fabric is a lot of fabric!  To put that into perspective, It’s enough fabric to cover the entire playing surface of a football field including the end zones.

So what’s significant about 55,000 Sq Ft. you ask?

It’s the amount of scrap fabric that Omni Promotional (The Signage Sponsor of  The Subaru Sea Otter Classic) has been able keep out of a landfill and subsequently upcycle into a myriad of durable products for cyclist and outdoor enthusiasts by partnering with Green Guru.

Omni Promotional and Green Guru came together in Boulder, CO. Six years ago. Green Guru’s ability to creatively reuse what could some companies consider waste into useful products is exactly what we were hoping to do when we created this partnership.

“Our production processes create waste in the form of scrap and over run fabric panels. Until Green Guru came along, all of it went into the dumpster and subsequently into the ground which is less than ideal” said Dave Skiffich, General Manager at Omni Promotional.

Connor Callahan, Sustainability Director at Green Guru, took it even further, “The partnership works on so many levels. Our products have to be durable enough to live up to our lifetime warranty and the high quality fabrics that Omni Promotional uses in their products are colorful, durable and water resistant. Couple those facts with the a basically cost free local pick up.  It’s nearly perfect!”

For more information on how Omni and Green Guru are leaving this place better than we found it, please visit and or email