551 Point of Sale Marketing Assets

“It’s rare to find a partner who checks all the boxes, and Omni does it time and time again.” Larry Murray, Director of Marketing

This happens often at Omni. Partners change roles or even companies, yet they always seem to keep our contact. Recently Larry Murray took over as Director of Marketing at Ranch Hand in Shiner, TX.  Ranch Hand produces pickup truck grille guards, bumpers & other accessories.  Following the delivery of a recent project, we asked Larry if he would contribute to our new Omni in the News series.  He immediately replied with this:

“I’ve worked with Omni Promo for over five years on specialty printed tents, activation graphics, and backdrops in the entertainment industry and I continue to use them because of there quality in product and customer service.

When I got an opportunity to work on a large quantity project they were the first group I called.

The conversation went a little like, “ I need 500 pullup banners, I need the pricing to be competitive, I need them in a month, and I need it to have a cool pattern slightly ghosted in the back and all the hardware to be black. “  The answer I got was the answer I always get, “No Problem!”.  It’s rare to find a partner who checks all the boxes, and Omni does it time and time again no matter how much I business I am bringing to the table.   I’m excited to get these pull up banners into all of our dealers hands across the nation”.  – Larry Murray, Director of Marketing

We love it when we can deliver quality projects on time but also on budget. For more information on retractable banner options such as the one’s ordered by Ranch Hand, please contact us directly.  Ranch Hand orderd a Mesquito Lite retractable primarily to be used indoors.  We also offer double sided Thunder stands designed to handle every outdoor elements.

How can Omni help you today, please visit omnipromo.com or email mike@omnipromo.com