When a CUSTOM Tent Takes on a Clear Meaning

Clear Cut 4 Color Process Printing with Zipper Walls…No Problem!

We received a call from a partner of ours, one that we work on projects with all the time, and it started out pretty normal.

Hey Deano, “We need a couple 10×10 tents!”.

Dean was quick to respond, “No Problem.”

In Dean’s head he was thinking immediately, this was great, a relatively standard project…then there was a long pause… Yes, long pause.  “We want them to be clear. Like clear so you can see through the canopy and side walls.  With a 4 Color Print and zippers. Can you do that? Will that be a problem?”

Relatively standard just went to, Wow this is going to be fun with “NO PROBLEM” at all.

We see problems as speed bumps, not problems.  We are in the solutions business for our partners. You think it up, we find a way to make it happen, whether it is a tent, flag, banner and so on…everything is customizable! Custom to that particular order whether it is one single canopy or 500 retractable banners.

In the end it was “Clear” cut, these are pretty cool tents!

How can we help your brand today?

Omni Promotional builds lasting impressions for brands, agencies and clients all over the world. 

We produce custom printed tents, flags, table covers, banners, inflatables and so much more. Don’t wait for tomorrow what you can order today. Give us call or send your sales rep an email and tell us how we can help you today!